Vannie Gogh
"You supply the creativity, we supply the paint"

About Us

Paint Togethers



We are a family owned and operated business bringing the love of art to you.  For your next event, create lasting memories by having a Paint Together.  We offer many art selections to choose from and we can even  create a selection exclusively for your event.  Whether it's a birthday, shower, small get together, or corporate event Vannie Gogh will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

​Our "Paint Togethers" are the perfect way to get your business noticed.  Schedule an event to attract new customers and promote your business.  We can create a selection to match your current marketing plan.   "Paint Togethers" are also a GREAT way to reward staff and build teamwork.

Children's Eventa



Youth Parties  (starting at $1.00 pp)

Perfect for birthdays, graduations, or a child's play day.  Youth party selections are age appropriate and are designed to be completed in one(1) hour.  A great way to entertain the party attendees while they create their party favor!  Selections can be customized to match party themes.  Party minimum of ten(10) required. 

​"Every child is an artist, until they are told their not an artist"  - John Lennon

Adult Events



​​​Adult Parties(starting at $25.00 pp)

Impress the guests at your bachelorette party, bridal shower, or a simple get together.  A minimum party of ten(10) is needed for our "Paint Togethers".  You can choose from our existing catalogue or we can create a unique selection to match your theme.  Let's create a lasting memory today!​ Additional travel fee may apply.


On the Gogh

We have an exciting summer planned at the Depot!  It all kicks off with a community painting and music event on June 1 at 10:00 AM.  Annie will be teaching a Wisconsin painting and local musicians will be performing outside for your donations.  Funds raised from both events will be used to purchase supplies for this year's Summer School Art program.  Stop by and help make this summer, one to remember.